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University of Westminster Business Psychology MSc 

1 year full time, 2 year part time courses available

The post graduate study of Business Psychology in Europe was founded at the University of Westminster in 1998. Since this time the course has established itself as a leader in the field and is now the most popular course of its kind in the UK. With over 580 alumni, course graduates can be found all around the world applying Business Psychology to a wide range of organisational and 'interpersonal' issues.

During the years since 1998 the course has established a network of visiting expert practitioners, each of whom play an essential role within students' learning environment, offering expert workshops, seminars and invaluable experience of 'how to' deliver Business Psychology during the good times as well as the bad. In parallel the students are engaged in a Professional Development Programme that addresses personal and professional competences.

This applied aspect is further expanded by the work of the Business Psychology Centre, which from its inception in 2001, has offered research and consultancy to the wider business community. The centre's work has helped to highlight the potential of both Business Psychology and our graduates to add real value to organisational thinking as well as performance, and now carries a portfolio of research and applied knowledge transfer projects funded by; TSB, Defra, ESRC and the MRC.

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