Kingston University  Kingston's Business Psychology MSc 

  1 year full time, 2 year part time courses available



The Kingston University Business Psychology MSc is designed for students without a traditional background in psychology. It empowers you to critically evaluate the evidence base, ethical considerations and your role in organisations as a business psychologist to enhance your professional skills.

Graduates with a business or occupational psychology masters look at workplace issues in a different way. Their approach is scientific – finding solutions based on the evidence they gather within the organisation and with reference to academic literature. This means that they have unique abilities to study and analyse employees, identify talent, then coach, develop and enhance people's motivation and performance at work. Such skills are increasingly important for organisations, and for the wide variety of consulting and human resource management (HRM) practices that serve them.

Kingston's Business Psychology MSc (available either as a Part time 2 year or Full time 1 year course) is taught by academics and consultants who bring their own specialisations and experiences to the course. Because we are psychologists working in a business school environment, we bring unique access to psychology, organisational behaviour and HRM resources.

Within the course, students investigate various approaches to applying psychological principles in the workplace and how these ideas can increase organisational, team and individual performance. Students are then able to apply these theories and evidence to case studies, examples from the field and real life practice – either at their own organisation or during a short internship.

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