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Postgraduate Certificate in Managerial Psychology

Course Duration: Part-time - 6 months to 2 years

The HKUSPACE PgCert in MPsy programme aims to provide students with comprehensive behavioral science theories, methods and tools which they can apply to resolve behavioral problems they encounter in their work and career. Students will develop a range of applied skills in conflict resolution, negotiation, change management, intercultural management, systematic search and analysis of opportunities.

Benefits to Students

  • synthesise knowledge of conflict resolution methods and change management skills to enhance organisational development
  • able to analyse a conflict situation and develop negotiation strategy to resolve disputes in organisational settings
  • able to evaluate opportunities for change and implement change plans to facilitate organisational improvement 

Target Students

The target students for Managerial Psychology are graduates with a strong interest in human aspects of management who wish to acquire qualitative skills in the managerial psychology field and apply them in their career.

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