Call for Nominations AGM and Management Board Elections 2017

Management Board Election 2017

There are16 places on the Management Board (including its officers: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) and elected places are usually for a period of up to three years.

Candidates for election must complete and return their nomination paper to the ABP office by 5.00pm on Tuesday 9th May 2017. Each nomination must be proposed by two ABP Members and the nominee must declare their consent.

Voting papers, if required, will be circulated by 25th May 2017 to be returned by 5.00pm on 22nd June 2017. Election results will be formally announced at the AGM.

Current Board members and their election statuses are listed below.

This year there are FIVE* places to be filled by election, THREE places to be filled due to resignations, ONE to be filled due to retirement/end of term and ONE further place to complete the Board. 

List of Board members in 2016-2017

  • Steve Apps (Chair: re-elected 2015, retiring 2018)
  • Lucy Standing (Vice Chair: elected 2015, retiring 2018)
  • Esther English (Treasurer: elected 2015, retiring 2018)
  • Sarah Mason (Acting Secretary: elected 2016, retiring 2019)
  • Alan Bourne (elected 2016, retiring 2019)
  • Susannah Clements (elected 2016, retiring 2019)
  • Stewart Desson (re-elected 2015, retiring 2018)
  • Anton Fishman (elected 2016, retiring 2019)
  • Ben Williams (elected 2016, retiring 2019)
  • Nana-Efua Lawson (elected 2014, retiring 2017) End of term
  • Uzma Alfridi (Co-opted Feb 2016)
  • Adina Tarry (elected 2014, retiring 2017) Resigned
  • Scott Lichtenstein (re-elected 2015, retiring 2018) Resigned
  • Steve Carter (elected 2016, retiring 2018) Resigned
  • Sarah-Jane Thain (Co-opted Dean)

Note: The terms of office of all retiring and co-opted Board members expire at the AGM.

*The board have confirmed two places will be reserved for co-opting Deans for the ABP Conference/Awards 2017.

Please see Nomination Form in the Members Area.