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Twitter lead


Hours:  2-3 hours a week – including checking into Twitter briefly most days
Reporting to: Social Media Manager


The ABP has an active social media presence with Twitter and LinkedIn  as the primary platforms, and also a small Facebook following and new Instagram account.  

We are looking for a volunteer to join the Social Media Comms team, primarily to look after our Twitter feed. This will involve crafting and posting tweets in response to requests from across the ABP teams, and logging into Twitter most days to check activity. The role may also require some Instagram and/or Facebook activity.



The role of the Twitter lead is to run the Twitter channel. This may also involve further posting to our Instagram feed. Responsibilities entail:

  • Create/post tweets in response to requests from other ABP volunteers and teams.
  • Review Twitter activity daily and seek to build engagement with our followers
  • Work with the Social Media Manager to carry out and review analytics.
  • Review and post to our Instagram feed 


Pre-Scheduling Tweets

Approximately 4-7 tweets per day (depending on what is going on), Monday to Friday – which align with and support the overall comms strategy. These tweets include:

  •  Promotion of forthcoming events
  • Job Ads
  • links to articles on the ABP website
  • links to sections of the ABP website (i.e. what is business psychology, why join, etc)
  • links to external sites (minimum of 1 per day)
  • Follow Friday #FF tweets (i.e. speakers, Board members, Award winners)


Daily Management of the Account (Mon – Fri, as time allows)

  • Retweeting any 'mentions'
  • Replying to mentions or direct messages
  • Retweeting relevant tweets
  • Following back anyone following us
  • Responding to direct messages
  • Engaging in ‘conversations’ with our followers
  • Forwarding any content that requires the attention of a Board member


In addition, we would ask that you use Hootsuite or equivalent to generate a monthly analytics report and work with the rest of the Comms team to identify and recommend how our online presence could be grown further and used to greater effect.


Experience and qualifications

No specific qualifications are required for this role. Someone with the following experiences and qualities would suit the role well:


  • Experience of using Twitter (personal accounts)
  • An interest in for social media
  • An understanding of and enthusiasm for business psychology
  • A desire to communicate what the ABP does
  • The availability to review social media accounts on a regular basis
  • A willingness to learn and to work collaboratively across the ABP 



  • Familiarity with platforms used to pre-schedule tweets
  • Familiarity with Instagram
  • Understanding of Twitter analytics and using Twitter to drive engagement
  • Creativity and understanding of how to craft engaging tweets


  • To apply, please complete the volunteer application form and provide details of why you would like this role and why you would be great at it!