Role: Awards Submission Assessors


  • Before the judges see all of the Awards Entries (submissions), we filter them first for quality, eligibility and relevance. 
  • The Submission Assessors mark each and every submission against the defined assesment criteria. Assessors must be able to work at pace and commit time during the assigned time period.
  • The Submission Assessors make the majority of decisions that result in the finalist list being created, under the guidance of the Awards Leader and Convening Judge.
Required Tasks
  • Assessing submissions for which you’re asked to commit at least two (ideally three) days during the assigned week in June 2019
  • Capturing your assessments and submitting them to the Awards Leader by the deadline in June 2019.
  • Due to the tight timescales involved and the importance of this activity, we ask that assessors have  some experience in assessing and ideally have a psychology qualification. 
  • Please complete the application form, noting why you are suitable for this role.