Behavioural Consultant


Role and Responsibilities



This position contributes to SAL’s qualitative evaluation of investment managers, by adding a psychological perspective to their assessment, recommendation; and with respect to those who become added to the firm’s investment manager monitoring regime, building a psychological profile over time.



The individual occupying this position will be part of the Investment Team and will report to the CIO.  They will interface with other investment team members, bringing knowledge of psychology and organisation to bear on their deliberations. They will assist the CIO by providing input into the CIO client and investment responsibilities by testing and clarifying the CIO’s thinking and participating in generating the necessary output (in terms of internal or externally-focused papers).



The individual occupying this role will be called upon on occasion to assist with a variety of tasks having regard to their specialism, particular skills, capability, experience and standing within SAL.


Specific responsibilities and expectations include:

  • Attending internal meetings to discuss manager research, manager monitoring and client matters
  • Assisting in the preparation of agendas for internal and external meetings, including reviewing the meeting materials such as manager presentations, portfolio analysis and meeting notes
  • Attending interview or due diligence meetings with investment managers (in person, at the office, in the manager’s office – in the UK or abroad -  or by telephone)
  • Questioning investment managers during interview meetings, observing their interaction with SAL’s team and process, observing them during their internal meetings, contributing to the discussions with the investment team about those investment managers.
  • Providing written and verbal guidance to the relevant investment team members that emanate from the above observations
  • Where there are disagreements in perspective between the Behavioural Psychologist and other investment team members this individual will take a facilitative position of enquiring what information is needed to draw a decision.  This may entail engaging facilitative and coaching competencies, aligning individuals and asking open questions to build options and make decisions for the way forward.
  • It is important for the individual to recognise when and how to “dig deeper”, to be tuned in to SAL’s early warning system and recommending interventions with investment managers when they perceive a valid reason for doing so. 
  • Providing insights to the investment team from a psychological perspective as to following attributes of an investment managers thought processes and behaviours, as appropriate in any given situation:


Psychological abilities attributable to an investment manager:

    • Their Intelligence and skills pertinent to the task and challenges and their information gathering and processing of information through the application of such intelligence and skills
    • Their recognition of their own mistakes, the learning they discover from such mistakes the application of that learning
    • Their Capacity for a self-critical stance (ie the extent to which they are critical observers of their own actions, thoughts, behaviours, opinions, attitudes and emotions)


The investment manager’s personality

    • Mapping how different styles influence the activities investment managers engage in
    • Observing what kind of team member the investment manager is
    • Looking at how the investment manager’s style influencing their effectiveness
    • Considering to what extent ego construct allows the investment manager critical observation of their own thinking process.


The investment manager’s motivational behaviours

    • Is the investment manager’s motivation intrinsic? Is it pure intellectual stimulation? Is there the challenge of enquiry?
    • Or is it more to do with ego: winning, being right? In which case, is it competition with self or against others?
    • Or is the investment manager simply motivated by making money? Or is the investment manager a corporate careerist for whom fund management provides membership?
    • What motivates the investment manager from an organisation perspective: culture, team, status, being member of a group?- issues of non-monetary rewards.


Behavioural Finance

    • Examining the emotional cognitive dynamics of the investment mansger’s decision-making
    • Observing any biases, heuristics, mistaken habits of thinking and mental shortcuts that can lead to systematic mistakes and about attitude to risk



    • Is the investment management organisation rewarding the actual behaviours it wishes to promote, either explicitly or subtly?
    • Does the investment management organisation fit with the investment manager’s intrinsic motivators?
    • Will the conditions that make the role intrinsically rewarding for the investment manager prevail in the longer term?
    • Is the interface between the investment manager and other functions or roles conducive to optimal performance?


Measure of success

One measure of success in this role is for the Behavioural Psychologist to communicate their findings/thoughts/observations/analysis in a meaningful, relevant and timely way both verbally and in writing so that it provides the investment manager research and monitoring efforts with tangible output to aid their respective decision processes; and likewise in the firm’s dealings with its clients.

In meetings, openly sharing the information they have gathered or created and the observations they have made; providing an appropriate steer towards a course of action when deemed appropriate from the psychological perspective; and drawing the behavioral evidence together in a tangible, meaningful and understandable way for its use in the firm’s investment business.


Minimum requirement:

- Chartered Psychologist status

- Minimum of 4 years work experience (ideally in a similar role)

- Some financial understanding / background would be advantageous


How to apply:

Forward your CV and covering letter, including details of your current remuneration package, future salary expectations and notice period to Karling Wan: Email -


Please note: this role is an outward facing role - we are not looking for candidates to help us with our organisation / staff.  The candidate is to facilitate our assessment of external Fund Managers as part of our investment assessment and consideration.