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Entering the ABP Workforce Experience Awards

“Business Psychology is the study and practice of improving working life.  It combines an understanding of the science of human behaviour with experience of the world of work, to attain effective and sustainable performance for both individuals and organisations”

The Association for Business Psychology’s Workforce Experience Awards programme offers a unique and distinctive platform for the celebration of excellence in applying psychology to improve working lives.

Whilst many Awards programmes exist in the field of Human Resources generally and in various psychological disciplines, the ABP Workforce Experience Awards focus directly on demonstrating the commercial and practical value of Business Psychology to organisations and their workforces. 

The ABP is inviting Award submissions in each of the categories described here before the submission deadline

Individuals, teams and organisations can enter (“Entrants”).  External consultants/suppliers can enter with or on behalf of their clients. By making a submission to the Awards, Entrants agree to be bound by the Terms of the Awards Programme. For entries to be eligible for consideration they must meet the Eligibility Criteria.


Please note that we have introduced some changes to the Awards Categories and Assessment Critieria for 2019. 


Assessment Criteria

From 2019 we are making some changes to the assessment criteria. All entries will be assessed against the seven criteria below, including evidence of innovation. However, the innovation score is only used to determine the innovation awards and is not considered for any other category.  

For each criteria the judges provide a score from 1 - 7 where 1 indicates little or no evidence of meeting the criteria up to 7 which indicates strong evidence. Winners will be those who score highest across all the relevant criteria. 

The seven criteria applied are:

1.     Relevance to business  i.e. does the entry present a clear understanding of how the work addresses a relevant business challenge; does it address an effective diagnosis and/or understanding of the business issues.

2.     Evidence of stakeholder engagement, e.g. ongoing and comprehensive consultation and/or co-creating solutions in partnership

3.     Evidence of applying psychological theory/ practice  i.e. does the entry show how psychology has been used to support the work, applying relevant and valid theories, models, approaches

4.     Evidence of effective project execution, e.g. clarity on approach, timing and monitoring against specific goals

5.     Evidence of effective evaluation, e.g. relevant evaluation method applied to relevant data, ideally multiple evaluation methods applied with multiple sources of data

6.     Extent of impact, considered in context of original objectives as well as breadth and depth of impact. For the category 'Excellence in Using Psychology for Social Impact', this criteria will explicitly assess impact on society.

7.     Evidence of innovation: does the entry provide evidence of innovation, e.g. a new application of traditional tools or use of an approach that had never been applied before.  This score will only be used to assess the two innovation categories: Excellence in Applying Innovative Technology in Business Psychology, and The Judges' Award for Innovation.


  • Categories for submissions

    Categories for submissions

    The awards categories cover all aspects of business psychology.

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