And the 2016 winners are...


Excellence in Assessment
  • Excellence in Candidate Assessment: Stuart Martin, Work Psychology Group’s entry entitled: Selecting for the future in healthcare: High-stakes admissions into Medical careers to widen access and predict performance. 
  • Excellence in Employee Assessment: Rebecca Stevens, Greater Manchester Police & Work Brighter Ltd's entry entitled: A new selection approach, based on measuring leadership potential, for sifting internal candidates applying for promotion to Inspector rank at Greater Manchester Police.
Excellence in Coaching and/or Training
  • Excellence in Coaching and/or Training: Nicola Jones, Jane Green-Armytage, Athena Professional, supported by Lumina Learning and City & Country’s entry entitled: Coaching & Training to deliver results: Developing leadership capability at City & Country.
  • Excellence in Talent Development: Maggie Mosley, PMSL’s entry entitled: How an evidence-based approach accelerated talent development. 
Excellence in Engagement
  • Excellence in Employee Engagement: Paul Teuton, Ketchum Change’s entry entitled: Corporate Identity as a business tool: Using Social Identity to achieve strategy.
  • Excellence in Employee Experience: Helena Fernandes, Jane Eccles and Katie Baker: Enabling a facilitated transition back to the workplace after an extended voluntary break.
Excellence in Change Management
  • Excellence in Leadership Change Management: Liz Staniforth, John Langford, Dr Phil Alcock, Odyssey Learning and Development and Cofac’s entry entitled: LD1 – growing strength in leadership at St Ledger Homes (Doncaster).
  • Excellence in Team Change Management: Brooke Ward, Gier Dugstad’s entry entitled: From competitors to colleagues: embracing change in a world of ship classification.
Excellence in Performance Improvement
  • Maggie Mosley, PMSL’s entry entitled: Soft skills for hard results: Using psychological techniques to get leverage in management of multi-million pound building projects.
Excellence in Innovation in Business Psychology
  • Ian McLaren Wallace, Archegyral’s entry entitled: Archegyral Mapping: Transforming a Cultural Landscape.
Chair’s Choice for Excellence in Business Psychology
  • Maggie Mosley, PMSL’s entry entitled: How an evidence-based approach accelerated talent development.