Conference and Awards

Conference and Awards

2018 Conference will be 11 - 12 October

Holiday Inn, Brentford, London TW8 8GA.


The New Career Deal....

...Business Psychology in a Disrupted World.


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We are living in an age of the '100 year life', where multiple careers in a lifetime is the new reality.   The rise of the gig economy - the portfolio and freelance worker, means traditional employment contracts are changing.  The new career deal signifies and prioritises flexibility, autonomy and lifestyle. 

This conference will feature and highlight the evidence and best practice around what companies are doing to innovate and shape their HR strategy in light of this new career deal.  We will have 4 streams: 

Recruitment/Assessment:  If there are no jobs for life, traditional methods for attracting staff are changing.  We'll show you how. 

Learning and Development:  Who decides what people should be learning?  In an age where employees will in all likelihood leave to do other jobs, the needs and demands of the L&D role and how psychology can best support this will be shared. 

Health and Well-Being:  We know a stable employment environment is good for mental health.  The age of the gig economy will work well for the proactive, conscientious extrovert, but how will those prone to anxiety fare?  Can resilience help and if so, how should this be best delivered?  Psychologists have a lot to say about employee well being, but balancing this in an unpredictable and disrupted world takes balance and consideration.  Join the discussion. 

Workshops:  An entire stream will be dedicated to workshops, largely because for the last two years, these have proved not only incredibly popular, but because it plays into our mission to give you space and time to invest in your own learning and development in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.


 Our conference presentation can be viewed here 

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Updates will be placed on line, but as always, emails to the membership annoucing capacity will alert you to the opportunity to reserve your slot. 


Submissions for Speaker Slots and Pitch Competition are now CLOSED


Speaker submissions

Submissions for a speaker slot at our conference for the above streams are now being accepted via our online form.   Deadline for submissions is 6pm Monday 11th June. 


New for 2018....

In addition to being able to submit for an award and a speaking slot, we are introducing a pitch competition this year.  We invite those of you who are innovating to showcase your idea, dragons den style to a panel of HR tech entrepreneurs, investors and HR press.  Deliver your pitch to the entire audience on the Friday as our closing panel slot.  

For the audience, you get to hear the latest and most exciting developments in the business psychology world.

For the pitchers, you get the chance to share and validate your idea and connect with people who may be interested in hearing and supporting you further whilst giving you a chance to share your content to over 150 relevant audience members.  You may be offered help and advice and a friendly glass of something at the end! 

We are inviting entries into the pitch competition via our online pitch form here. Deadline for entries is 6pm Monday 11th June.