ABP Awards 2016 Winners. And the Winners are...

 Awards Winners

On the 13th October, the Association for Business Psychology held its 2016 Workforce Experience Awards to “Celebrate Excellence in Business Psychology”.

Offering a unique and distinctive platform for the celebration of excellence in Business Psychology, the Awards focused on demonstrating how applying an understanding of the science of human behaviour can impact Workforce Experience and deliver commercial and practical value to organisations.

To be considered as finalists, Entrants had to demonstrate an application of business psychology concepts or models, professional standards in stakeholder and project management, an insight into the organisation they’re working in and the impact they had made.

And the winners are...

Excellence in Candidate Assessment
  • Stuart Martin, Work Psychology Group’s entry entitled: Selecting for the future in healthcare: High-stakes admissions into Medical careers to widen access and predict performance. 
Excellence in Employee Assessment
  • Rebecca Stevens, Greater Manchester Police & Work Brighter Ltd's entry entitled: A new selection approach, based on measuring leadership potential, for sifting internal candidates applying for promotion to Inspector rank at Greater Manchester Police.
Excellence in Coaching and/or Training
  • Nicola Jones, Jane Green-Armytage, Athena Professional, supported by Lumina Learning and City & Country’s entry entitled: Coaching & Training to deliver results: Developing leadership capability at City & Country.
Excellence in Employee Engagement
  • Paul Teuton, Ketchum Change’s entry entitled: Corporate Identity as a business tool: Using Social Identity to achieve strategy.
Excellence in Employee Experience
  • Helena Fernandes, Jane Eccles and Katie Baker: Enabling a facilitated transition back to the workplace after an extended voluntary break
Excellence in Leadership Change Management
  • Liz Staniforth, John Langford, Dr Phil Alcock, Odyssey Learning and Development and Cofac’s entry entitled: LD1 – growing strength in leadership at St Ledger Homes (Doncaster).
Excellence in Team Change Management
  • Brooke Ward, Gier Dugstad’s entry entitled: From competitors to colleagues: embracing change in a world of ship classification.
Excellence in Performance Improvement
  • Maggie Mosley, PMSL’s entry entitled: Soft skills for hard results: Using psychological techniques to get leverage in management of multi-million pound building projects.
Excellence in Talent Development
  • Maggie Mosley, PMSL’s entry entitled: How an evidence-based approach accelerated talent development.
Excellence in Innovation in Business Psychology
  • Ian McLaren Wallace, Archegyral’s entry entitled: Archegyral Mapping: Transforming a Cultural Landscape.
Chair’s Choice for Excellence in Business Psychology
  • Maggie Mosley, PMSL’s entry entitled: How an evidence-based approach accelerated talent development.


Many congratulations to Maggie and PMSL who picked up three awards this year!