Conference and Awards

Conference and Awards
Our 2017 Conference key note speakers were... 


Richie Boucher
Richie Boucher 
CEO Bank of Ireland:  'The dark side of leadership during a financial crisis'. 

Richie Boucher was appointed Chief Executive of Bank of Ireland in February 2009 in the midst of Ireland’s worst financial crisis since it gained independence in 1922.  The Banking system came close to collapsing and the country had a severe economic recession (house prices fell by nearly 60%).  The country required an international rescue from the IMF/ECB and EU with some support from Britain.  

Under his leadership, Bank of Ireland has been restored to prosperity and uniquely amongst Irish Banks, the Irish taxpayers’ support has been repaid with a profit.  Nevertheless he remains a controversial figure with one media commentator describing him as “being like marmite, you like him or you don’t”.

Richie will be discussing the dark side of leadership during a time of significant stress, public scrutiny and fear. 

 Robert Hogan

Dr Robert Hogan 
Chair and President Hogan Assessments. 'Helping leaders manage their dark sides'.

Dr. Hogan received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, specialising in personality assessment. He served as McFarlin Professor and chair of the Department of Psychology at The University of Tulsa for 17 years. He co-founded Hogan Assessments in 1987 which has gone on to become one of the most successful business psychology consultancies globally.  His tool 'the dark side' is one of the most popular psychometric tools in the world and as such, Dr Hogan has been in the priviledged position to work with many very senior leaders. 

Dr Hogan will share some of his insights - “Narcissists and psychopaths excel during job interviews.” 

Ineffective leadership has evolved into a global epidemic, and managerial incompetence is largely to blame. Based on previous data, two thirds of current US CEOs project to be fired in three years, 65% to 75% of US managers in public and private sectors alienate their staff, and 70% of the American workforce say the worst aspects of their lives is their boss. These data reflect the dark side tendencies of managers and executives.  Dr Hogan will spend time during his talk offering suggestions for how businesses can help better assess and manage the dark sides of their leaders. 

Stephen Richie Pic

Professor Stephen Reicher, University of St Andrews.  'Leading in an era of dark side politics'. 

Stephen Reicher has been rated as one of the 30 most influential psychologists globally.  Currently Wardlaw Professor of Psychology at the University of St. Andrews. He is a Fellow of the British Academy, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. He is also past Editor of the British Journal of Social Psychology and a Scientific Consultant to Scientific American Mind.  Famous for recreating the Stanford prison experiment on the BBC, he is a leading authority on group and collective psychology having written some 300 books, book  chapters and journal articles in this area and having received some 30,000 citations. 

In the past year and a half, people have been stunned, shocked by surprise outcomes like the Brexit and Trump election results.  Stephen predicted each and also predicted Theresa May would do badly in the latest election.  In this talk he will use social psychology to explain these observations and outcomes. 

fiona patterson

Professor Fiona Patterson, BSc, MSc, PhD, CPsychol, FASS, FRCGP (Hon), FCMI 
University of Cambridge and the Work Psychology Group.  'Sex is between the legs but gender in the head'

Fiona is Founding Director for Work Psychology Group, Visiting Researcher affiliated to the Department of Psychology  at Cambridge University and visiting Professor at City University, London where she is the Social Sciences lead for the Interdisciplinary Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice. Fiona publishes regularly in the highest-ranking journals in Psychology and in Medicine. She is co-author of the leading international textbook Work Psychology and has published over 80 peer reviewed journal articles. 

In her talk, Fiona will examine how it is that women comprise half the population, yet they constitute less than 5% of CEOs and 20% of corporate board members (World Economic Forum, 2015).  She'll call on evidence based research to identify explanations.  She'll discuss how the cultural concept of leadership is changing, as social skills – which are often perceived as feminine – become a more important part of what we expect from leaders and finally, she'll also share some practical approaches to help both men and women tackle lingering prejudices.