Conference and Awards

Conference and Awards

Welcome to the dark side... 

On the 12th and 13th October 2017, we invite you to join us...

Update on sales:  Tickets for the dinner only have now sold out.  It is still possible to attend the dinner with the puchase of a full conference ticket or in combination with a ticket for the Thursday or Friday conference. If you are nominated for an award and still wish to attend, please contact our admin support:

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Theme overview:

2016 proved to be a year where dark side tactics and approaches scared, shocked and influenced.  As psychologists, we want to explore and understand how the dark side can be so powerful and to think of ways to help equip and shape those we work with to manage through the turbulent times ahead. 

Who should attend:

People in positions to influence how organisations build their people strategy as well as those who lead and manage their own businesses will gain most from this event. Senior business leaders, HR professionals, Business owners, Consultants and people who want to engage more with psychology will gain a huge amount from this confernece.  We deliberately limit the conference size, we seat on round tables (no 'theatre style'), we emphasise and select speakers and awards finalists who've demonstrate an evidence based approach to their work and findings and finally we have a lot of fun.  

We have four exciting streams:

- The dark side of leadership - sharing research and insights into when and how dark side traits flourish; how these leaders influence and win favour as well as how best to spot and manage those with a dark side.

- Disruptive talent and innovation - examples of how psychology is being used in new, innovative and disruptive ways alongside papers sharing research and insights into disruptive, game changing behaviour

- Managing the dark side: diversity, well being, resilience - it is realistic to imagine we will never operate in a world without a dark side?  How can psychologists help others work with others and environments which at times present challenges?  

- Workshop stream: due to the popularity of workshops last year, we've dedicated an entire stream to this practise.  Please see the dedicated page on our workshops here: /events/conference-and-awards/conference-workshops.aspx


We have some of the most internationally recognised and respected psychologists and business leaders speaking this year.  Whet your appetite by reading more about our keynotes on our dedicated keynote page here:


- In addition to the workshops (some of which as independent stand alone workshops in the public sphere cost £250+), full conference attendees will also get to complete and receive feedback on their 'dark side' (alone this is worth approximately £80).

- Meeting a group of what can only be described as some of the most dynamic and inspirational thinkers in the country.  Poeple interested in psychology are interesting. 

- Hearing talks which would take you hours and hours to find and discuss.  We bring the expertise and insight to you to save you weeks and months and research.  We don't do pat on the back stories.  We do science and evidence whilst packaging it in stories and ready to apply best practise. 

- Opportunities to develop your own skills - through interactive and engaging workshops

- With four streams, you get to tailor make your own conference.  This isn't us dictating the show.  This is you taking advantage of an incredible opportunity to shape your own programme. 

- Because we are a not for profit, we're driven to create value and impact.  Yes we do need to cover our costs, but in a way which benefits those attending.  Not one ABP volunteer or board member is paid - you can't buy this level of passion. 

- We chose this venue after being there last year - the food is delicious, the beds are comfortable and venue is perfect for networking.  If you've never been to an ABP conference before, then come and assess this versus other conferences for yourself.