Conference and Awards

Conference and Awards

Welcome to the dark side... 

Darth Vader Image - Labelled For Re -use (I.e Safe To Use)

2016 proved to be a year where dark side tactics and approaches scared, shocked and influenced.  As psychologists, we want to explore and understand how the dark side can be so powerful and to think of ways to help equip and shape those we work with to manage through the turbulent times ahead. 

We will have four streams:

- The dark side of leadership - sharing research and insights into when and how dark side traits flourish; how these leaders influence and win favour as well as how best to spot and manage those with a dark side.

- Disruptive talent and innovation - a chance to share examples of how psychology is being used in new, innovative and disruptive ways alongside papers sharing research and insights into disruptive, game changing observations and how this happens

- Managing the dark side: diversity, well being, resilience - it is realistic to imagine we will never operate in a world without a dark side?  How can psychologists help others work with others and environments which at times present challenges?  

- Workshop stream: a series of five or six,  1hr40 min  workshops.  This fits with the ABP conference values of giving people time and space to work on and develop themselves.  As this has proved to be so popular, we are providing a full stream of workshops.  We are not accepting papers or proposals for workshops as these facilitators have already been identified. 

Our submissions for entries is now CLOSED.  Details of the successful shortlisted awards winners and conference speakers will be announced by July 7th.