Management of the ABP


All ABP activities are carried out by, or under the guidance of, a Management Board made up of volunteers. 


Election to the Board

Members of the management board are elected by members of the ABP, from the membership population, and the Officer roles (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) are elected by the Management Board, from the Management Board.

Board Members actively lead the Association by taking action to fulfil its objectives, being ambassadors who practically represent the Association to existing and prospective members.  Board Members manage the ABP by taking an active role in leading a work-stream of activity and showing an interest in the activities of other Board Members and the Association as a whole. 

Use of volunteers

The Management Board retain the services of an Association Management company who carry out necessary administration and operational functions but, for the most part, rely on volunteers for service delivery.  This allows us to ensure alignment of all our work streams.

We believe that the support of volunteers in our activities is necessary, not only to keep our operating costs low but also to keep our community active and involved and to keep the Management Board connected to the membership.  Engaging members to support in the delivery of ABP objectives also supports the development of members for future opportunities on the Management Board.  People learn by doing and our volunteers often gain new skills and valuable experience through their work on behalf of the Association. If we plan activities which we cannot recruit volunteers to support, we know the activity is unlikely to add value to our members.

Additionally, our position as the leading professional body representing Business Psychology can only be maintained if we have a community supporting us.  To that end, every member can be a champion of the benefits of the use of psychology in the workplace; and all members are encouraged to come together as a community of practitioners and academics.